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Laura Dilley Thomas

As the owner of multiple businesses, all of which began online, it's safe to say Laura knows what it takes to market a business online. Laura has worked in management and sales for most of her life, and, prior to starting her own businesses, served as vice president for Banker's Mortgage, Inc. Her first online business came out of her hobby of breeding Persian cats. She took her hobby to the Internet under the name in 1994, well before the dot-com boom of the late 90s.

In 2004, she published a book about her experiences breeding cats, and marketed it by including a bath salt line she termed "Prayer." From "Prayer" came, an online luxury Natural Bath and Body Spa Products store. Concurrent with Castle Baths' debut in 2005, Purrinlot evolved into an eCommerce outlet for sales of her Anna Designer Pet line, which she also sells on 17 years marketing experience from both of her businesses, she opened a third online business, Niche Marketing PR. At Niche, Laura now helps other businesses achieve the same level of online marketing success she has enjoyed.


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e-Commerce and Web Analytics
Niche Marketing develops expert eCommerce solutions for clients looking to sell products or services online. Laura, a Google Analytics Individual Certified Professional, develops online shopping cart systems for clients, analyzes marketing data, optimizes websites for maximum search engine exposure, and sets up and manages companies' social media pages. Her top requested services include Web Analytics and her exprience as a marketing analyst and as a marketing web consultant
Natural spa and bath products Castle Baths offers luxurious natural bath, spa and pet products. As the owner and founder of Castle Baths, Laura creates products with purpose - designing handmade natural soap, bath salts, massage oils, dead sea mud anti-aging products and other natural spa and bath products. She also strives to educate her customers about the benefits of natural skin care products and the potential dangers of using synthetic ingredients and fragrances on skin.
Professional cat grooming supplies
Breeder and exhibitor of the world-renown cattery, Purrinlot, Laura bred prize-winning Persian Cats for many years. She now offers the products she created to help her with her wins to the pet loving public as the Anna Designer Pet line. Laura became known worldwide through her show success and for Anna, the world's first blue-eyed bicolor Persian. Purrinlot also offers handmade soaps and soaks for pets, and especially for Persian cats. She also educates breeders, veterinarians, and other animal lovers on how to properly use her products to cleanse and beautify their pets, and offers instructional DVDs on how to bathe your cat.
How to Have Purr-fect Faith
In 2004, Laura published How to Have Purr-fect Faith, Even at a Cat Show, detailing a crazy year of her life, during which she connected with God. With a sense of humor and deep faith, she shows how her renewed faith and personal relationship with God inspired her to pursue and achieve her dream of breeding pedigreed Persians and showing them on a national level.

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What a few others say:

“Laura has the highest ethical standards and business practices. Her products are great.”
Lucy Sherrill, Sales Pursuit Manager, Burns and Roe Services Corporation

“I highly recommend Laura as she is a well respected member of the soaping community and her products are wonderful. She takes pride in her business and it shows in the products she makes.
Sue Dixon, Owner, The Skin You're In

“Laura has a lot of drive and very innovative in how she manages her company. Her passion shows in how she ensures her clients are provided with great personal service.”
Michael Lamb, Managing Partner, jeune d'âge organics

“Laura is a true professional and brings a multitude of marketing experience to any and every client she works with. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to see great results!”
Rebecca Rose, Owner, H.W. Rose Designs and Consulting

“I have known Laura since she was a child and she has always had a natural gift at looking outside of the box. Her Barbie's couldn't even go without her creativity. What the toy makers had not invented in that era for the Barbie's, she made it herself. Laura always took it to the next level. She has grown several of her own e-commerce businesses to its niche when "dot com" began. Laura can take any type of service and industry, whether nationally or internationally, to the highest level of growth. She understand data for her brain is constantly doing equations in order to improve ROI. Not many firms can say that nor do it with real results.”
Loree Rose, Internet Analytics, Internet Marketing Consulting, SEO, Internet New Business Developer, Niche Marketing PR

“Laura is very detail oriented, knowledgeable, professional and will always deliver on time. I have known her for over a decade and have never heard anything but praise.”
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity
Kathie Bozsik , Civil Service, U.S. Air Force

“Laura has always shown her clients and customers with respect. She consistently follows through with her goals in a reasonable fashion and always sticks to her word. She is extremely friendly and understands the concepts of hard work and dedication. She is a great asset to the spa and beauty world, as well as to the marketing world with Niche Marketing PR.”
Rayanne Brennan, past COO, Castle Baths

“Laura has some great insights on Persians and has shared so much on her site! It can be hard to get help when trying to learn about breeding, grooming or showing cats - so many people don't have the time or desire to help a stranger. We are thankful to have her! You'll definitely find something useful at Purrinlot!
Tricia Holben, CSQE, Owner, Rainbows Ltd

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